System Features
Account Codes
Alternate Attendant
Attendant Call Queuing
Attendant Position
Automatic Ring Down
Battery Backed-up Memory
Caller ID (with logging)
Delayed Ringing
Dial Number Preview
Dial Tone Detection
Direct Inward Line (DIL)
Door Box (Analog
1 and Digital)
Extended Ringing
Extension Hunting (UCD,
...Circular and Terminal)
External Alerting Devices
Flexible Numbering Plan
Group Ring
ISO 9002 Approved Manufacture
Modem Cut-Through
Music On Hold
Names for Extensions and Trunks
Night Service / Night Ring /
...Night Answer
Non Blocking Architecture
Off-Premise Extension
PBX / Centrex Compatibility
Ring Groups
Single Line Telephones / 2-OPX Modules
Special Services and OCC Compatibility
Station Message Detail Recording
Station Overflow
System Diagnostics
System Identification
System Programming
...Password Protection
System Timers
Time and Date
Toll Restriction
Trunk Groups / Rotaries
Universal Night Answer
Voice Mail Compatibility
Year 2000 Compliance
Station Features
Alphanumeric Display
Automatic Answer
Automatic Handsfree
Background Music
Barge In (Intrusion)
Call Coverage Keys
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding Cancel
Call Timer
Call Waiting / Camp-On
Central Office Calls, Answering
Central Office Calls, Placing
Centrex Compatible Feature Keys
Class of Service
Direct Station Selection (DSS)
Direct Station Selection
...(DSS) Console
Direct Trunk Access
Directed Call Pickup
Directory Dialing (Company,
...Personal and Extension)
Distinctive Ringing, Enhanced
Do Not Disturb
Forced Trunk Disconnect
Group Call Pickup
Group Listen
Handsfree, Handsfree Answerback
...and Monitor
Headset Compatibility
Hold (with Recall Display)
Intercept of Calls
Key Ring
Last Number Redial
Line Keys
Loop Keys
Meet-Me Conference
Message Waiting
Microphone Mute
Off-Hook Signaling
One-Touch Keys

Park (with Recall Display)
Prime Line Preference
Privacy and Privacy Release
Private Line
Programmable Function Keys
Pulse to Tone Conversion
Release Key
Removing Trunks and Extensions
...From Service
Reverse Voice Over
Ringdown Extension
Ringing Line Preference
Save Number Dialed
Selectable Display Messaging
Silent Monitor
Soft Keys
Speed Dial
Split (Alternate)
Tandem Trunking / Unsupervised
Transfer (with Recall Display)
Transfer, Handsfree
Trunk Group Routing
Trunk (Line) Queuing
User Programmable Features
Voice Over
Volume and Contrast Controls

1 DS1000 Only

Some features may be optional, not applicable to all systems or require additional equipment.